How Should Christians Vote?

Tomorrow countless people will be going to polling stations to place their votes in the British general election. During the election campaign, there has been a number of articles written advising Christians on how they should vote. But really when I look at scripture it’s very clear to me that Christians shouldn’t be voting at all. Romans 13:1 tells us that all authorities have been established by God but if people are out there voting then it’s not God who is establishing authority – it’s the people who vote that are establishing the authority.

I know some may say ‘well God is using our votes to establish his authority’, but does the creator of the universe really need you to vote? Surely if he’s as powerful as Scripture states then he’d be able to intervene in an election without any help from us. Upon reading Romans 13 it seems to me any Christian who votes is really doubting God. Instead of heading to polling stations tomorrow Christians should be holding prayer meeting because really it is God who decides.

So is that what I’m going to be doing? Well no actually, I won’t be doing that. Does that mean I doubt God? Maybe so. But really I don’t think we should trust what Apostle Paul wrote back then. Sure it was a hopeful way to look at those in authority back then but the fact is the Apostle didn’t live in a democracy. I think what Paul said was only meant for those who were alive when he was. In his writings, he was making a comment on the way he saw his world operates.

But in my view, if you think the Bible is the literal, inerrant, infallible word of God then you should stay away from the polling stations tomorrow.

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