I have to confess I hadn’t even heard of Chapecoense until this week. Although I like football – I don’t really follow the Brazilian domestic league – so I wasn’t sure how to react. But when I saw the photo of the three players who didn’t fly to Colombia and to see the look of loss and confusion on their faces, it really brought home how much of a tragedy it was. Then there were the last words of goalkeeper Danilo before he died. There was also the heart-breaking video that showed their forward, Thiaguinho, finding he would become a father for the first time. But it wasn’t just the members of the football team that were lost, there was the pilot, a father of 3 Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami and the co-pilot Sisy Arias, a beloved daughter as well as the cabin crew. Not to mention the journalists and technical staff are no longer with us. Reading such stories is a reminder that the crash will cause sons to lose his fathers, wives to lose her husbands, a father to lose a daughter, a brother to never see his sister again.

I’ve been finding out a bit more about Chapecoense in the last few days, there were a bit like Leicester City. While they didn’t win the league they got enough points to qualify, for this seasons for Copa Sadamericana and were flying out to take in the first leg of the final. This team were true underdogs that surpassed people’s expectations.

I hope this tragedy will remind us that we never know when our time will come to an end, and that we’ll appreciate life and the people in our lives a little more. Also, that Chapecoense can pick up the pieces and continue to have success they’ve had in the past.   

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