Something About the Paralympics 

Just over a week ago the Paralympics Games came to an end with a closing ceremony. From 7th – 18th I have been watching Channel 4 whenever I could to witness this marvellous sporting event.

Here I am going to reveal my stand out moments at the games:

If I had to choose one event as my stand out moment, it would be in the Athletics with the Women’s 100m – T44. The final was the only event that I stayed up until midnight to see who won, but before I mention the final let me write about the Heat 3. For me, Heat 3 was a special race with Sophie Kamlish winning in record breaking time, but what was even more special about this race was how gracious Japan’s Saki Takakuwa was in defeat (Saki bowed to Sophie after the race). Then there was the final, unfortunately, Saki finished in last place, Sophie could not repeat the same time in her heat and just missed out on a medal finishing 4th. The winner of the gold medal was Marlou Van Rhijn, I was glad to see Miss van Rhijn win after all she is a beauty and is one of the global stars of Para Athletics.

Then there was Liam Malone smashing Oscar Pistorius world record in the Men’s 200m T44 final. I do not know why this was not a bigger story than it actually was. Personally, I think it is like someone breaking Usain Bolt’s record. If that happened I think it would be headline news, sure a few news organisations covered the story but it should have been a bigger story.

Finally, Jonnie Peacock retaining his gold medal. It is very easy to assume that Jonnie would easily take another gold, but just because one is a champion in the last games does not they will be the champion again. Mr Peacock had only one event to win a medal and win he did.

Before finishing my writing for today I must mention Bethany Firth’s domination in the poolJessica Long winning gold in her last race , Kadeena Cox winning gold in two sparate sports, Jason Smyth winning his third gold in the 100m – T13 , 14-year-old Ntando Mahlangu winning silver in the Men’s 200m – T42, Will Bayley’s celebration after winning gold in the Men’s Table Tennis SM7, Malaysia winning their first ever Paralympics gold medals, GB winning bronze and USA winning gold (after a twenty-eight medal drought) in the Wheelchair Basketball.

In my next blog, I will be writing about the lessons I have learnt from the Paralympics. But I would end by saying that it is really nice to have watched a sporting event without arrogence. As I’ve written before I found the arrogance of Team USA in the Olympics very off-putting, but I did not see any of at the Paralympics. Each Paralympian seemed to go about competing in great humility (including USA).

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