Being a Christian is No Excuse for Ignorance

During Rio 2016 there were some articles saying the media (especially the BBC) is ignoring Usain Bolts’ faith. I have emailed Bolts for a PR team for reaction to such accusations but they have not responded yet. However, such suggestion seems utterly ridiculous for Wayde van Niekirk and Shaunae Miller  have both gave God the glory and said they would not be able to have done it without him. The BBC interviewer did not interrupt them nor did the broadcaster edit out the part they thank God. Maybe Bolt does not feel like he needs to thank God after every win. It is his personal choice and there is nothing wrong with such choices. However, I see the accusation of ignoring his faith as nothing but ignorance.

But this is not the only times I have seen Christians show such ignorance. One person who has been the target of such ignorance is Barrak Obama.One thing Obama has been long accused of is being a Muslim. This video apparently proves the current President of the United States is a Muslim. I found most of the evidence shown ridiculous that happens to show that Obama comes from a culturally diverse family, and he is not ignorant. The fact that Obama has worn Islamic clothing does not make him a Muslim (for my own Mother has worn Islamic clothes and she definitely not a Muslim), the fact that Obama is familiar with verses from the Quran does not make him a Muslim (Richard Dawkins can quote verses from the Bible but we all know he is not a Christian), the fact that Obama does not have a western name does not make him a Muslim (I know Christians who do not have western names). Only one thing the video has that got me wondering was that clip from that ABC interview. But a closer look at the interview shows the clip was taken out of context. Now I do except not everyone who says Barak Obama is a Muslim is a Christian – they are non Christian Republicans and conservatives who have such beliefs. The reasons I have heard for Obama to have an Islamic faith are ignorant and at just plain silly. He may not be a conservative Christian – it seems to me he is a rather liberal Christian. But one thing he is not is a Muslim!

The whole purpose of this blog post is to encourage Christians to be less ignorant. Just because Christians and the Christian media are saying it does not mean it is true. We should look into what we have been told and find out if there is any truth in what we are being told

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