The Olympics and Patriotism

I am enjoying the Olympics Games going on in Brazil at the moment. As a Brit, I am hoping Team GB do well and get really high in the medal table. It would be wonderful if they would achieve the impossible and top the medal table. But being quarter Malaysian and quarter Norweign I do have divided loyalties. If GB were to play Norway in hockey I would not mind who won, and if GB faced Malaysia in the Badminton I would be happy for the winner (no matter who it was). But my divided loyalty does not stop there. If an underdog beats GB I would not have a problem with such an occurrence. Also if an athlete shows more character than someone on the GB team I will be cheering for them. Then there is the Refugee Olympic Team, I know I said at the beginning of this piece of writing, that it be wonderful if Team GB topped the medal table, it would but it would be even more wonderful if the Refugee team does.

So does this make me unpatriotic? Maybe so. Do not get me wrong I think generally Britan is a good country to live in. There are things (about this country) that are good and bad. And you know what? I think that could be said about every other country in the world. I am not afraid to say negative things about my country, for I do not think my country is beyond criticism. I welcome other nationalities to criticise my country as long as the criticism is fair and true. Also, I would be delighted if the very same people acknowledge the good things Britan has done and still does.

So since I am of the opinion that my nation (or anyone else’s nation) is not greater, I feel a certain push back when I see a great patriotism during the Olympics. I definitely push back when people seem to arrogantly think their country is the best in the world. The other day I was put off when reading some arrogant comments on Facebook by British fans in regards to the rugby sevens. Also at times I feel a bit put off by the Americans, at times there seems to be quite a lot of arrogance coming from their athletes and fans. However not every American athlete/fan comes across as arrogant and the same could be said of the British fans writing on the England Rugby Facebook page. And maybe at times, what I perceive as arrogance is just great enthusiasm for their team and a desire to win. It is very possible I may have misjudge people at times. However, no matter what country we are from, I do think we should value character over patriotism and humility over arrogance.

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