Prosperity Theology: What is it?

Let me begin this piece of writing by stating that I am wholeheartedly against prosperity theology. And considering about fifteen years ago I wholeheartedly embraced this particular belief my turnaround is quite something.

But what do I mean by the prosperity theology? I recently watched this video that demonstrates there can be some confusion over what the prosperity gospel is. When I am writing about the prosperity theology I am writing about what historian Kate Bowler’s article for the New York Times is about. To quote the historian “Put simply, the prosperity gospel is the belief that God grants health and wealth to those with the right kind of faith”.

You may of noticed in the previous paragraph I switch between using the words ‘Prosperity Theology’ and ‘Prosperity Gospel’. The reason being is that Kate Bowler refers to it as the Prosperity Gospel in the article I quoted. It is also known as Word of Faith Movement, Positive Confession Movement, Name-it-and-Claim-it (Robinson, 2004, P.7) and several other names. Whatever the name one uses ultimately it is a concept that if you believe and confess your desires you will get what you want.

Next week I will explain why I object to such a believe system and describe the damage it can do to people.

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Robinson, Andrew (2004) Understanding the Prosperity and Faith Movement, Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church


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