The Annoying Things People Do On Social Media

I have been working on a serious blog entry but unfortunately it will not be ready for today. So instead I will be having a bit of a fun on this blog today. So without further ado here are the things that people do on social media that tend to annoy me. Please do not be offended as it is very likely that one of your social media habits will be mentioned here.

People who Like their own status, photo or the link they have posted

Now it is very likely nobody would put anything up on social media that they did not like at the time! We know you like it! Who is forced to write a status they do not want to put up???!!! Why would you post that photo if you did not like it???!!! Who posts a link they do not want people to read???!!!

Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags were first thought up on Twitter therefore they should stay on Twitter! Ok I can just about put up with them on Instagram but not Facebook! There is something wrong about them being on Facebook! Although I have to confess I am being a little bit of a hypocrite since I once used a hashtag once on Facebook, but it was only when people started doing it on the site. I was wanting to see if the hashtags had the same effect as the ones on Twitter. And you know what? They did not! Therefore it proves my point that hashtags do not belong on Facebook!!!    

Tagging someone in the comment section

Ok you want your friend to read the article. Well why not post it on their wall???!!! 


Tagging someone in a photo when they are not actually in the photo

Personally I will only tagged someone who is in the photo. When someone who is not in the photo happens to be tagged in it, well I think it is a bit like an inaccurate description of painting in an art gallery. 

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