Universal Healthcare

When I was a teenager I loved American music, books, movies and radio. I hoped I would eventually get a job and live in America. Today I think America makes the best music in the world, there are some great American authors, some interesting American films and  This American Life is truly an amazing radio show. But I cannot say I have a great a desire to move to that nation now. I think the only reason I would go is if I was offered my dream job in the US. Now why do I think differently to my younger self? Well there are a few reasons but the main reason would be the  American healthcare system.

Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said that America is the only major country that does not guarantee health care to all people. Now some may have issues with the term ‘major’. For what is a major country? Mr Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said that the Senator was referring to the nations in the OECD. No matter who you consider what the ‘major’ countries to be, I think it is undeniable that there are many nations that have a system in place, a system that frees its population from the worry of paying for medical care. Now different countries use a single payer or a two tier system, however both systems work!

Now I am not trying to attack the US, I am having a go at any country that does not provide free healthcare. Yet for all the money the this country has it is rather unbelievable. Now I know some Americans are in favour of free medical care but really it is unbelievable that many are not. It is amazing that quite a fair number in the US are ‘pro-life’ yet oppose free healthcare! If you ask me that is a complete contradiction!

I am going to say that if any government is not doing their best to preserve or establish free universal healthcare, then that government deep down hates its people! And any politician who opposes universal healthcare cannot be pro life and lacks compassion!

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